Appraiser Registration Information Page

Appraiser registration is open and will close on January 8, 2019.

Before beginning to complete your registration:

  1. You will need a user account with Maryland DI. If you are new to Maryland DI and submitted by a team as their appraiser, a user account has been created for you. Your login credentials were included in the email sent to you when you were submitted. If you don't have the email, please user our login help tool. You will need the email address that was entered with your submission. (If you aren't sure if you have a user account, you may check here).
  2. If you are registering as a team's mandatory appraiser, make sure you have the team number (an eight digit number in the format 120-xxxxx, 108-xxxxx or 109-xxxxx), and tournament date. (If your name and email address was submitted when the team was registered, this was sent to you in an email with the subject: "Maryland DI Appraiser Registration Instructions". Otherwise, please contact your team manager to obtain the team number.)
  3. If you are a team's mandatory appraiser and the team advances to the State Tournament, you are required to represent that team at the State Tournament. If you represent a team but would like to appraise at States regardless of whether your team qualifies, please check the State Tournament box on the registration form. This will put you on the list for States. We'd love to have you.
  4. If you are registering as an independent appraiser, check the calendar page to determine the date and place of the tournament(s) that you would like to officiate at. Please consider appraising at the State Tournament. If you wish to do so, just check the State Tournament box on the registration form when you select your tournaments.
  5. Review the brief description of this year's challenges and decide which one you would like to work on.
  6. Decide what role you would like to be on your appraiser team.
  7. After entering your contact and preference information, you will be directed to the Volunteer Code of Conduct for the 2018 - 2019 season. Please read and agree to the Code of Conduct to continue your registration.
  8. You are ready to begin!

Address any questions to the Regional Director for the regional tournament(s) you are registering for.

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